Featured Privacy Films

Featured Privacy Films for February 2019

For February we have chosen to feature an assortment of New Privacy Films Styles.

First we’ve featured our Reeded Glass decorative privacy film. This privacy window film mimic the look of expensive reeded glass at a fraction of the cost. Available in either 1/2” pattern width (SOLYX® SX-1254).

We have also chosen to feature SOLYX® SX-3008 Mini Bars. This is a frosted, translucent, high-grade, embossed vinyl film that simulates small vertical mini blinds, a great choice for adding privacy to bathroom windows.

Last but not least to be featured is SOLYX® SX-5035 Subsonic. This films design features thin, broken, wavy lines of frost and white. Lines stretch down the length of the roll. Ideal Distraction Film, which obscures direct visibility but allows for a great deal of light transmission. Perfect choice for homes or offices glass walls or other Modern Architectural features.

View over 300 decorative window films exclusively available at Glass Films throughout Europe, The Middle East and Russia.

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