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December 2019 Product Update

For December, we are pleased to announce a further two additions to our product range of over 300 decorative glass films! Glass Films continues to offer the largest selection of decorative glass films throughout Europe!

Firstly, we are pleased to announce SX-3068 Orchid Transparent Dichroic Film. This product’s colours shift as the viewing angle changes. The colours when viewed with light behind (Daytime looking from inside to outside) are Violet, Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow. When viewed with less light behind the film (Daytime from outside) the colours are Silver and Gold. Perfect for retrofit applications to existing glazing.

Finally, we are pleased to announce SXJ-0572 Dual Blades Gradient. This product is a polyester film with a white, translucent, matte gradient, dual fading tapered vertical lines design. Ideal for direct visibility control. Perfect for privacy, decorative or architectural applications.

As well as introducing two new products, we are also discontinuing the following products. We discontinue products based on customer feedback, manufacturing constraints and in order to keep our product line up to date. Please note: these products may still feature in our latest product catalogue, please make note of the product code for future reference.

Discontinued Products – December 2019
SXWV-0200 Clear Luster
SX-1206 Crystal Quartz

That’s all for this month! Please take note of our Christmas & New Year opening times below. Check back next month for our next product update newsletter and featured decorative glass films!

Christmas & New Year Opening Times

Closed from Friday 20th December 2019 at 5pm
Reopen on Thursday 2nd January 2020 at 8am

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