Featured Decorative Films for June 2019

For June, we have chosen to feature an assortment of stunning coloured Stained Glass Films. The range this month consists of an array of high quality stained glass films perfect for interior applications to glass. Best of all, these films are a fraction of the cost of real stained glass!

First, we have chosen to feature SX-1574 Stained Glass Rondure. This film is a beautiful, brightly coloured, blue frosted privacy film with good light transmission.

We have also chosen to feature SXEG-4887 Diversity. This film is a stunning, multi-coloured, polyester film perfect for home interiors, adding privacy and colour to any glass application. This product is easy to install resulting in a professional appearance.

Last but not least to be featured this month is SXEG-1573 Atlantis. This is an embossed vinyl film with colourful blocks giving the appearance of stained glass. Prism like facets scatter the light. An excellent privacy film obscuring direct visibility with high light transmission.

View over 300 decorative window films exclusively available at Glass Films throughout Europe, The Middle East and Russia. Check back next month for our featured range of decorative window films!

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