February 2020 Product Update

For February, we are pleased to announce two brand new products to our range of over 300 decorative glass films! Glass Films continues to offer the largest selection of decorative glass films throughout Europe!

Firstly, we are pleased to announce SX-1255 1″ Reeded Glass. This product is a polyester film that simulates real reeded glass. Bands are 1″ wide with the band direction running vertically, down the length of the roll. This film is excellent for obscuring direct visibility while allowing high light transmission. a perfect product for giving a retro aesthetic!

Finally, we are pleased to introduce SX-3069 Chromatic Dichroic. This film is made of multi layered durable polyester for colour shifting special effects of Cyan, Blue & Magenta. Chromatic is a dichroic colour shifting metal-free film. When viewed with less light behind the film (daytime from outside) the colour is reflective silver & gold.

That’s all for this month! Check back next month for our next product update newsletter and featured decorative glass films!

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March 2020 Product Update

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