Patterned privacy window films with dots feature various circular shapes and patterns. Ranging from minimalist geometric shapes to bold circular designs, dotted window film is a classic design staple suited to a wide range of commercial and residential environments. Some styles of dotted window film can also mimic the look of frosted windows. This provides added privacy when the film is applied to any window or internal glass. 

With window film being easy to apply and remove, this replaces the need to attempt complex techniques to achieve the highly attractive and popular dotted glass look. Here at Glass Films, our SOLYX® dot window films can cater to a range of interior and exterior settings. 

Before making your purchase, here is some further information about patterned window films with dots to guide you.

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  • SX-1720 Spheres
    From £ 35.61 sq m

    SX-1720 Spheres is a clear translucent/transparent, high grade embossed film. This product is ideal for semi-obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light transmission.

    This Decorative Privacy Glass Film is recommended for application to interior glass. This film is a durable Polypropylene Vinyl with a decorative embossed surface. It is perfect for semi-privacy, decorative or architectural applications. Installed with the same methods as used for installing regular window films.

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  • SX-2011 Micro Dot
    From £ 30.01 sq m

    SX-2011 White Micro Dot. Tiny 1/16? white hexagonally shaped micro dots on clear Polyester film. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility and allows excellent light transmission.

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  • SX-C370 Dot Screen 18
    From £ 40.39 sq m

    SX-C370 Dot Screen 18. Clear dots design providing semi-obscurity. Printed on a 100% UV blocking optically clear window film.

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  • SXD-1616 Dots
    From £ 35.61 sq m

    Translucent White Diagonal Dots: 1/16″ dot, 1/16″ clear space. Translucent White Dots on, dimensionally stable, optically clear window film providing semi-obscurity. Recommended for application to interior glass.

    This product is perfect for semi-privacy, decorative or architectural applications. This film is manufactured with a silicone liner which protects the clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films.

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  • SXJ-0500 White Matte Dot Gradation
    From £ 44.87 sq m

    SXJ-0500 White Dusted Matte Dot Gradient is a polyester film with a white translucent matte gradient dot design pattern. Ideal for direct visibility control.

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