Film decorativi in primo piano per aprile 2019

For April, we have chosen to feature an assortment of our Glasslike Textured Films. The range this month compromises of our Simglas® decorative window films. Perfect for applications to exterior and interior glass and is a fraction of the cost of real textured glass!

In primo luogo, abbiamo scelto di presentare SGV-6608 Diamante smerigliato. This film is made of durable frosty polymeric PVC film. The film is UV stabilized and will not discolor or shrink. This film is made up of stunning patterned diamonds which offer excellent privacy in any environment.

Abbiamo scelto di presentare anche SGC-6523 Coventry. This product has a beautiful simulation of old hammered glass with European iron grill work. An excellent retro privacy film. Baguette pattern is 6? x 3?, Diamond is 1? x 1?.

Last but not least to be featured is SGV-6610 Cubetti di ghiaccio glassati. This film is made of durable frosty polymeric PVC film with a semi-transparent pattern of 1?4? x 1?4? squares.

View over 300 decorative window films exclusively available at Glass Films throughout Europe, The Middle East and Russia. Check back next month for our featured range of decorative window films!

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