SX-3065 Spectrum Transparent Dichroic Film

From £22.75

SOLYX® SX-3065 Spectrum SR dichroic polyester film is designed for application to interior glass surfaces. Spectrum is a reflective color shifting metal-free film. This film is made of multi layered durable polyester for colour shifting special effects. This film is manufactured with a Scratch Resistant Coating and a silicone liner, which protects the clear pressure-sensitive adhesive, and is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying standard window films.

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    SX-3065 Spectrum Transparent Dichroic Film

    From £22.75

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    Film Type


    Adhesive Type




    Fixed Roll Width

    Sample Product, 60" / 152cm


    33 Microns



    Visible Light Reflection (%)


    Visible Light Transmission (%)


    UV Transmission (%)


    Solar Energy Rejected (%)


    Solar Energy Absorbed (%)


    Glare Reduction (%)


    Adhesive (Product Construction)

    Clear, Pressure-sensitive – 0.5mil

    Release Liner (Product Construction)


    Face Film (Product Construction)

    1.5mil Polyester

    Manufacturer Warranty

    5 Years

    Fire Rating

    When applied to glass or plastic surfaces: Horizontal Burn (Flame Spread) ASTM D-635 inch Less than 1.0 UL 94 Rating UL Classification V-O Class A 0 -25 Flame Spread Index 0 -450


    1. Glass Films MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY ARISING OUT OF A COURSE OF DEALING, CUSTOM, OR USAGE OF TRADE. User is responsible for determining whether the film product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of application. If the film product is proven to be defective within the warranty period stated above, your exclusive remedy and Glass Films’ sole obligation shall be, at Glass Films’ option, to replace the ORIGINAL product or refund the ORIGINAL purchase price of the product. In no event shall Glass Films be liable for any labour or installation costs of replacing the film product.
    2. Warranty does not cover any damage to film during installation or any issues resulting from the improper installation of films.
    3. All films are to be inspected within 7 days of receipt and also prior to installation.
    4. Glass Films products can be cleaned with a mild soapy water solution and a soft cloth.
    5. Proof of Warranty is your invoice.

    LIMITATION OF REMEDIES AND LIABILITY : Except where prohibited by law, Glass Films will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including contract, warranty, negligence, or strict liability.

    Tools required:

    • Application Card
    • Sharp retractable knife
    • Tape Measure
    • Pressurised bottle containing 20:1 ratio of Water to Washing Up Liquid.
    • 1-2 people

    Looking for a Window Film Application Kit?

    We now provide an easy to use window film application kit to assist you with the installation of your decorative glass film! Click the button on the right to order yours today!

    Step by Step Instructions

    1. Clean the areas to which the film is to be applied, removing all traces of dirt, grime, grease, etc.
    2. Carefully measure the height and width of the glass surface. Oversize the film up to 1″ extra material on each side of the film and cut the film to this size.
    3. Create wetting solution by adding 8 drops (a one second short squeeze) of a very mild detergent (baby shampoo or dish detergent such as “Fairy” (DO NOT USE HAND SOAP!) into spray bottle filled with water. Dish detergents with moisturizers will cloud the adhesive.
    4. Lay the cut-to-size decorative film on a clean, flat surface with the release liner up, or have someone hold the piece to be applied for you.
    5. Remove the release liner and spray the now exposed adhesive surface thoroughly with the wetting solution. (Tip: Place piece of scotch tape on both sides of window film, use tape to peel down release liner)
    6. Spray Hands with detergent before touching exposed portions of film to prevent damaging adhesive
    7. Apply a generous amount of the wetting solution to the glass. The detergent prevents the film from sticking to the surface immediately, thereby allowing you more time in which to properly position the film.
    8. Pick up Film by two top corners, Hold straight to avoid crinkling film.
    9. Place the now wet film onto the clean glass surface.
    10. Keep top edge level with outer edges overlapping frame.
    11. Film should flow smoothly over glass.
    12. Wet the face of the film to be squeegeed. Use squeegee and squeegee from the center out towards the edges pulling out any remaining air bubbles and wetting solution.
    13. Check that the film is flat and smooth.
    14. If any bubbles remain, use hard card wrapped in paper towel to push them out towards the closest edge.
    15. Trim the excess film from the edges of the surface. It is ideal to cut in one continuous movement, using the ruler and razor knife.
    16. Use the paper towels for cleaning the glass surface and for the absorption of excess wetting solution around the edges.
    17. The film may take a few days to dry in order for it to completely adhere to the glass surface.
      Additional Installation Tips:
      • Check the glass to make sure the surface is smooth. Spray the glass with soapy water and use a single edge razor blade to shave the surface. There should be no “clicking” sounds from the glass as the blade passes across the surface.
      • Make sure the water is clean and use a new spray bottle. Do not use well water. Do not use hand soap.
      • The glass must be sprayed and squeegeed clean and not wiped.
      • Rinse/dip fingers in water before handling the film once the liner is removed. This will assist in keeping the adhesive from imprinting fingerprints.
      • Before applying the window film, ensure the surrounding area is clean and that no fans or wind is blowing.
      • A good squeegee is needed to squeegee all the water from behind the film.

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