SXP-034UV Orange

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Transparent, optically clear, coloured, polyester film with scratch resistant, protective coating. Gloss surface. Created for high-quality illuminated or stained glass designs, window graphics and back-lit glass surfaces. Available in 25 gloss colours that can be superimposed to create an infinite colour palette. (Image colours are representative. Please order samples to view colours accurately.)

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    SXP-034UV Orange

    From £12.16

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    Fixed Roll Width

    Sample Product, 60" / 152cm

    Adhesive Type


    Film Type


    Shading Coefficient



    50 Microns

    Total Solar Reflectance


    UV Transmission


    Visible Light Reflectance


    Visible Light Transmission


    Manufacturer Warranty

    5 Years

    Privacy Rating


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    Tools required:

    • Green Card Squeegee
    • Professional Squeegee
    • Quality Trimming Knife with 12-point snap off blade
    • Spray Bottle
    • Tape Measure

    Add 1 part washing up liquid, to 20 parts water into a spray bottle with a fine mist setting.
    Be sure to protect where applicable paintwork and surfaces from the installation fluid.

    Looking for a Window Film Application Kit?

    We now provide an easy to use window film application kit to assist you with the installation of your decorative glass film! Click the button on the right to order yours today!

    Cleaning the Glass

    • Spray area with a fine mist of your installation solution.
    • Thoroughly clean the glass with a lint free cloth or glass scraper, removing all debris.
    • Wipe the top edge of the glass. (This stops any water running down the glass after squeegeeing)
    • Squeegee the glass dry using the professional squeegee.


    Preparing your material (1-2 person)

    • Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the material roughly to size (We recommend 20mm extra on the Width and Height to allow the material to be cut to the shape of the glass) It is also advisable to make sure the Top of your film is straight and in line/square with any pattern.
    • Spray Hands with Installation Fluid as to not mark the adhesive with fingerprints.
    • Remove the protective liner to expose the adhesive layer. (It may help to place two pieces of masking tape either side and pull apart to separate)
    • Spray the adhesive layer with the Installation Fluid liberally, to ensure there are no dry spots.


    Installing the material (1-2 person)

    • Spray Installation Fluid onto the glass, further reducing the possibility of a dry spot.
    • Facing the adhesive side of the film to the glass, place the top edge of the material onto the top edge of the glass and position accordingly, the washing up liquid should allow you to move the material on the glass.
    • Once happy with the positioning and the film is flat to the glass, spray the non-adhesive side of the glass film with the installation fluid.
    • Starting from the Middle/Top, with your professional squeegee, push the water out towards the edges, and then down the middle with a liberal amount of force. This should create a T shape which creates a seal. (Note: If you encounter resistance between the film and squeegee, simply apply more of the application fluid.)
    • Dry the top edge of the film.
    • The material should be sealed in place, you can then with your Green Card Squeegee, and Snap off Knife, trim the film to the shape of the window.
      • Place the Green Card Squeegee on the film and against the edge of the glass, then place the blade of your knife against this. This will guide your knife and protect your window frames and gaskets. Note: Making a diagonal cut between the corner of the glass and excess film prevents creasing the corner of the material while trimming.
    • Once trimmed, continue to remove the water, working from the centre seal outwards in overlapping motions with your Professional Squeegee. This ensures the maximum removal of application fluid.
    • Use your Green Card Squeegee wrapped in a non-abrasive cloth to remove any remaining bubbles, always using the shortest path to the edge.
    • Gently dry the edges and the face of the film.



    • Avoid cleaning the material for the first 30 days, this will allow the film to completely cure to the glass.
    • Water bubbles are a factor in window filming that can not be avoided. Depending on the tools and pressure applied, you may remove up to 95% of the application fluid. The remaining 5% due to surface tension will form small bubbles and if left alone, will completely dry. This process normally takes no longer than 30 days but can take up to 60 days depending on the quality of installation.
    • A very small clear borer should be visible between the edge of the film and the frame. This is normal and is integral to the installation process as it allows the removal of the water.
    • Once your new film has completed the curing process, we would recommend you clean the film with non-abrasive clothes and mild soapy water. Please avoid abrasive pads and industrial strength cleaners.
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