SX-3067 Citrus Transparent Dichroic Film

SX-3067 Citrus Transparent Dichroic Film

SOLYX SX-3067 Citrus dichroic polyester film is designed for application to interior glass surfaces. This film is made of multi layered durable Polyester for color shifting special effects. The total nominal thickness is 2.0mil. This film is manufactured with a silicone liner, which protects the clear pressure-sensitive adhesive, and is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying standard window films. This Dichroic films Colors shift as the viewing angle changes. The colors when viewed with light behind (Daytime looking from inside to outside) are Yellow, Orange, Magenta. When viewed with less light behind the film (Daytime from outside) the color is reflective Gold.

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  • per Linear Metre
  • A5 Sample
  • 54"



Orange, Pink, Yellow

Film Type


Adhesive Type




Max Full Roll Length

30 linear metres



Visible Light Reflection (%)


Visible Light Transmission (%)


UV Transmission (%)


Solar Energy Rejected (%)


Solar Energy Absorbed (%)


Glare Reduction (%)


Roll Width


Manufacturer Warranty

10 Years, Interior

Installation & Warranty

Installation should be in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installed using the same methods for installing window films.

This Solyx® product warranty can be found under the Specification tab within this product information. All of our product warranties will be free from defects in material and manufacturer for the duration of the product warranty. Typically, our product warranties are for five (5) years from the date of installation however, please check the Specification tab within this product to confirm the exact warranty details. All our product warranties commence from the date of installation. See Warranty Information for specific details.

Face Film
1.5mil Polyester

.5mil Clear, Pressure-sensitive

Release Liner
Plottable Synthetic

When applied to surfaces- glass or plastic sheet:
Horizontal Burn (Flame Spread) ASTM D-635 inch Less than 1.0
UL 94 Rating UL 94 UL Classification V-O
Class A 0 -25 Flame Spread Index 0 -450 Smoke Developed Index
SOLYX Films are suitable for installation onto fire rated glass and will not affect the rating of fire rated glass.

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