SXV-9-1003 Black Gloss Opaque

A SOLYX product. Gloss black, opaque, cast vinyl film. Suitable for application to Glass and Acrylics. Good for exterior applications. 48″ wide has a polyester release liner. 60″ wide has a paper release liner.

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  • 48" / 1220mm
  • 60" / 1524mm
  • per Linear Metre
  • A5 Sample


Roll Width

48" / 1220mm, 60" / 1524mm

Film Type


Adhesive Type


Outdoor Durability

9 years when properly processed and applied (Vertical exposure, unprinted film).

Minimum Surface/Ambient Air Application Temperature

50° F. to 90°F. (10° C to 32°C)

Service Temperature Range

-40° F. to +225° F. (-40° C. to +107° C.) -Reasonable range of temperatures, which would be expected under normal environmental time and temperature conditions.

Typical Film Caliper (w/adhesive)

2.5 – 3.5 mils

Chemical Resistance

Resists mild acids, alkalis, and salts.

Water Resistance

Excellent water resistance
NOTE: Always pretest your specific substrates prior to actual application.


Acrylic: 7 lb/in. (1.2 kg/cm)
Alodine Aluminum: 9 lb/in (1.6 kg/cm)
Auto BC/CC: 5 lb/in (0.9 kg/cm)
Fruehauf Prepainted Panels: 6 lb/in (1.1 kg/cm)
Polycarbonate: 6 lb/in (1.1 kg/cm)
Polypropylene: 3 lb/in (0.5 kg/cm)

Shelf Life

2 years when stored in a clean, dry area, out of the direct sunlight, and at less that 100° F.

Manufacturer Warranty

9 Years

Installation & Warranty

Installation should be in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installed using the same methods for installing window films.

This Solyx® product manufacturer warranty can be found under the Specification tab within this product information. All of our manufacturer product warranties will be free from defects in material and manufacture for the duration of the product warranty. Typically, our manufacturer product warranties are for five (5) years from the date of installation however, please check the Specification tab within this product to confirm the exact warranty details. All warranties commence from the date of installation. See Manufacturer Warranty Information for specific details.

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