UltraCool-IR8035T 35% VLT Transitional IR Solar Film

UltraCool-IR8035T is a premium grade sputter coated, Transitional polyester film that darkens when in direct sunlight. The ultimate transitional ultraviolet ray and infrared heat rejecting film! The transitional darkening reaction to UV is what makes this film far superior to all other IR window films.
The advanced UV photochromic fast acting, darkening/lightening effect will last for up to 13 years. The darkening and recovering process was repeated over 5000 times without any loss in photochromic activity.
Manufactured under 1000-level cleanroom conditions to maintain optical clarity and particle free film. Excellent for high visibility, fade protection and heat reduction.

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  • 60" / 1524mm
  • per Linear Metre
  • A5 Sample

Manufacturer Warranty

5 Years

Film Type



50 Microns

Film Usage


Product Specification

Film Type Polyester
Usage Interior
Solar Absorption (%) 43
Solar Energy Rejected (%) 80
Visible Light Transmission (%) 29% - 35%
Adhesive Type 3M Pressure-sensitive
Available Widths 60" / 1524mm
Thickness 50 Microns
IR Rejection (%) >80%
UV Rejection (%) >99%
Visible Light Reflectance (%) <12


Installation should be in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.


This UltraCool product will be free from defects in material and manufacture for a period of eight (8) years from the date of installation.

See Manufacturer’s Warranty Information for specific details.

Product Construction

Face Film 2 mil Polyester
Adhesive Clear, Pressure-sensitive
Release Liner Silicone

Fire Rating

When applied to glass or plastic surfaces: Horizontal Burn (Flame Spread) ASTM D-635 inch Less than 1.0 UL 94 Rating UL Classification V-O Class A 0 -25 Flame Spread Index 0 -450

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