UltraGlare-G014 Medium Shade

UltraGlare-G014 Medium Shade is a non-reflective window film with maximum shading and glare reduction. Reduces visible light transmission by 85%, Rejects 42% Heat, and blocks 99% UV rays. This film is one of the best shading films available. Recommended for application to interior glass. This film is made of durable, transparent, chip dyed Polyester with a scratch resistant surface. The pressure sensitive adhesive is protected by a synthetic release liner. Excellent Daytime Privacy. Ideal for vehicle tinting as well as any interior applications.

  • 60"
  • per Linear Metre
  • A5 Sample


Roll Width


Film Type


Adhesive Type

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive



Max Full Roll Length

30 linear metres


2 mil

Shading Coefficient (%)


Visible Light Reflectance (%)


Visible Light Transmission (%)


UV Transmission (%)


Solar Energy Absorbed (%)


Solar Energy Rejected (%)


Installation & Warranty

Installation should be in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installed using the same methods for installing window films.

This Solyx® product warranty can be found under the Specification tab within this product information. All of our product warranties will be free from defects in material and manufacturer for the duration of the product warranty. Typically, our product warranties are for five (5) years from the date of installation however, please check the Specification tab within this product to confirm the exact warranty details. All our product warranties commence from the date of installation. See Warranty Information for specific details.

The product was tested according to ASTM E84 and is classified as Class A, as defined in NFPA 101, Life Safety Code®.

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