Bomb-Blast Window Film

Bomb-blast window film is a specialist type of window film aimed at reducing the potential for serious injury due to glass breakage.

As an anti-terrorism measure, bomb-blast window film may also be required in case of other forms of explosion. This includes the risk of spontaneous explosion of glass due to defaults such as nickel sulphide inclusions. 

Glass Films supplies bomb-blast window film and Flexi25 glass anchoring systems.

While no window film or glass anchoring system can completely remove the threat posed by explosions, choosing a suitable solution can greatly improve the overall safety and security of your building. In particular, blast mitigation window films and anchoring systems work specifically to reduce the risks posed by high-velocity flying glass.

It is essential that any blast mitigation window film or glass anchoring solution is purchased with your specific building requirements in mind. Please contact our team for further help and advice.

What Are Bomb-Blast Protection Films For Windows?

Bomb-blast protection films for windows are a specialist type of window film, aimed at reducing the risks posed by glass which has been subject to an unexpected explosion such as a terrorist attack. 

How blast mitigation window films work is that they create a barrier on the surface of the glass to encourage glass to hold together following a blast. As a result, people inside of a location can be best protected from the highly dangerous hazard of flying glass. 

Our team of window film experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about blast protection window film.


Flexi25 Glass Anchoring System: An Overview

Flexi25 is a glass anchoring system that is tested to ISO 16933, EXV33 and EXV25 standards.

As a non-intrusive anchoring system used in conjunction with leading brand safety films, Flexi25 possesses the following components: 

  1. Window film applied to the inner surface of the glass
  2. Acrylic anchor
  3. High performance acrylic tape
  4. FlexZone energy absorbing technology


  • Blast and security protection
  • Spontaneous glass breakage (nickel sulphide inclusions)
  • Glass bridging 

Environment Suitability 

  • Corporate or public buildings
  • Education facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Retail shop windows
  • Sports stadiums
  • Shopping centres
  • Transport hubs

These are some of the typical environments where bomb-blast window film or glass anchoring systems may be required, although are far from exhaustive. 

Undertaking a security or structural review of a building may reveal vulnerabilities in which glass structures need to be protected against deliberate or spontaneous breakage. 

Blast Mitigation Window Film UK FAQs

We?ve answered some of the most common questions about purchasing window films with blast mitigation technology below. 

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What Is A Glass Anchoring System?

A glass anchoring system is a type of structure which securely holds glass in place. Glass anchoring systems are applied to glass structures such as windows, doors, glass panels, glass bridging, balustrades and similar glass structures. 


When the appropriate system has been installed and to the correct standards, the anchoring system provides additional support to the glass to prevent the potential for the glass to cause injury should the glass be subject to explosion. 


Typically, glass anchoring systems have components such as brackets, clamps, bolts and screws. However, Flexi25 is an example of a glass anchoring system which uses window film, an acrylic anchor, high performance acrylic tape and FlexZone technology. It provides 10 years of assured performance.


Every glass anchoring system requires a tailored approach, considering aspects such as the type of glass, the glass thickness, the structural load and environmental conditions. 


Flexi25 is available in three size options and also has various colour options to maintain the appearance of the building.

How To Protect Windows From Explosions?

There are several ways to protect windows (and most importantly people) from the risk of explosion, including terrorist related activity or spontaneous glass breakage.


Every building should be subject to independent assessment to determine the most suitable solution. However, bomb-blast window film or a glass anchoring system are two ways of protecting windows from explosions that we provide here at Glass Films. 


Other methods can include blast mitigation screening, window bars, window shutters, and other blast-resistant window systems.

What Is The Blast Film On Windows?

Blast film for windows is a type of specialised window film that is applied to glass surfaces to mitigate the risks associated with flying glass. The film can enhance the strength of the window, but can also control how the glass breaks in the event that an explosion occurs with the aim of protecting building occupants.

All blast window films work slightly differently, in that some offer containment properties of the glass and others add reinforcement to the glass making the glass more resistant to impact. 


While blast film tends to be associated with terrorist activity, glass may break for other reasons including due to extreme weather or environmental conditions. Therefore, blast window film can help protect building occupants in a number of scenarios.

How Effective Is Security Film For Windows?

Security window film such as bomb-blast window film cannot prevent a window from breaking. However, it is designed to mitigate the impact of explosion through containment of the glass. The overall effectiveness of security window film relies on suitable product solutions, along with the correct installation and maintenance procedures being followed.

For advice on choosing the most appropriate security window film or glass anchoring system for your building, please contact our team. 

What Would Cause A Window To Explode?

Potential explosions near or around glass have to be considered and mitigated against to protect building occupants. 


Glass can break or shatter for a number of reasons including deliberate action from others (i.e. terrorist or anti-social behaviour), external forces or defaults in the glass.

To summarise, some risks to consider include terrorist activity, thermal stress, physical impact, manufacturing defects, pressure differences, natural events or chemical reactions. 

Proper design and installation of glass can greatly reduce the chances the glass may fail, as can regular inspection of the glass.

While the risk of glass breakage cannot be fully eliminated, bomb-blast window film or a glass anchoring system can reduce the potential for injury should glass spontaneously break, or be subject to an explosion.

What Is ISO 16933?

ISO 16933 is an International Organisation for Standardization. 


As quoted on the ISO website, ISO 16933 ?provides a structured procedure to determine the air-blast resistance of glazing and sets forth the required apparatus, procedures, specimens, other requirements and guidelines for conducting arena air-blast tests of security glazing.? Read more by visiting the ISO website.


As noted above, Flexi25 is a glass anchoring system that is tested to ISO 16933, EXV33 and EXV25 standards.

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