• SGC-6521 Ice Melt From £32.85

    SimGlas SGC-6521 Ice Melt film is made of durable Polyester film. The film is 100% UV stabilized and will not discolor or shrink. Recommended for application to interior glass. This product is perfect for semi-privacy distraction, decorative or architectural applications. This film is manufactured with a silicone liner which protects the clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films. This film is dimensionally stable.

    NOTE: This adhesive film easily installs with soapy water and a squeegee and is clean removable. Should removing this film ever be necessary simply peel the film off the glass from one corner.

    PLEASE NOTE: The 48″ wide material has a static cling adhesive. This adhesive installs easily and is clean removable. 

    Estimated delivery by 06/12/2022

  • SX-2006 White Stripes Now from £23.43

    SX-2006 White Stripes. 3/16” White stripes with a 3/16” clear space. Stripe direction is down the length of the roll.

    Estimated delivery by 06/12/2022

  • SX-2011 Micro Dot Now from £32.41

    SX-2011 White Micro Dot. Tiny 1/16” white hexagonally shaped micro dots on clear Polyester film. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility and allows excellent light transmission.

    Estimated delivery by 06/12/2022

  • SXWF-WMP White Matte Plottable Now from £49.23

    SXWF-WMP White Matte Plottable is a translucent frosted plottable polyester film with a matte finish. Manufactured with a silicone coated liner which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive, it is designed for application to interior glass, single- or double-pane, and exterior facing glass as well as on exterior applications. This film is ideal for privacy, decorative, or architectural applications.

    NOTE: This is a plottable film suitable for digitally cut applications as well as ordinary window film applications.

    Estimated delivery by 06/12/2022

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