Privacy Window Film

Discover the perfect balance of privacy and elegance with our exclusive range of commercial privacy window films. Our cutting-edge selection allows you to create a secluded and sophisticated environment, tailored to your specific needs. Explore a myriad of privacy levels, each thoughtfully designed to enhance your space while ensuring utmost discretion. Unveil a world of possibilities with our privacy window films, redefining the way you experience privacy and style.

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What is privacy window film?

Privacy window film is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the glass in your windows where extra privacy is required. Window films are an excellent option for customising the windows in your business premises without sacrificing daylight, depending on your privacy needs.

How does privacy window film work?

The types of privacy film available work slightly differently to offer varying levels of privacy when applied to a window. At Glass Films, our range includes coloured and frosted window film and one-way window privacy film, creating attractive designs while enhancing privacy.

Based on their design, frosted window film has various opacity or transparency levels. Instead of being completely clear, frosted window film gives you various levels of privacy and can feature an etched glass or frosted background in a range of patterns.

One-way window films are a type of window privacy film made with reflective properties that work especially well during the daytime. They work by reflecting the visible light that hits the surface, creating a mirroring effect that can vary in strength depending on the amount of direct light. However, during daylight hours, people attempting to look into your office or business premises won’t be able to see through. Light will continue to stream through, though, giving you a more private yet well-lit interior.

  • SGC-6509 Antique Glass
    From £ 56.54 sq m

    SimGlas SGC-6509 Antique Glass film is made of a durable polyester film. Recommended for application to interior glass.
    SimGlas glass films are perfect for semi-privacy distraction, decorative or architectural applications. This film is manufactured with a silicone liner which protects the clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films. This film is dimensionally stable. 100% UV stabilised and will not discolour or shrink.

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  • SGC-6528 Light Seedy Glass
    From £ 56.54 sq m

    SGC-6528-58 Light Seedy Glass Film is a lightly textured, transparent film made from durable polyester that provides a softened, distorted view. Looks like seeded glass. This dimensionally stable film is 100% UV stabilized, will not discolor nor shrink, and is supplied with a silicone coated liner which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is recommended for application to interior glass and is ideal for semi-private distraction in decorative or architectural applications.

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  • SGV-6610 Frosted Ice Cubes
    From £ 40.39 sq m

    SGV-6610 Frosted Ice Cubes Is made of durable frosty polymeric PVC film with a semi-transparent pattern of 1⁄4” x 1⁄4” squares. The film is UV stabilized and will not shrink. Recommended for application to interior glass and exterior glass (inside surface) including skylights (inside surface). This product is perfect for privacy, decorative or architectural applications. This film is manufactured with a silicone liner which protects the clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films.

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  • SGV-6613 Frosted Strié
    From £ 40.39 sq m

    Clear, soft, natural striped strié lines on frosted film. Attractive durable film providing semi-private distraction.

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Why should I consider using privacy window films for my commercial space?

There are many reasons to use window privacy film in your commercial space. Glass window privacy film increases privacy and security, first and foremost being effective at blocking the view into your property without preventing natural light from entering the room.

Our range of low-privacy window films is suitable for meeting rooms with large windows or glass partitions where some discretion may be needed, but blocking visibility isn’t a high priority. A frosted window film like the SX-1301 Clear Frost is a great option for obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light transmission.

When privacy becomes more of an issue, you may opt for a window film that emphasises the frosted window effect while letting plenty of daylight into the room. Our range of medium privacy film features a wide selection of decorative window film in various patterns and colours to suit the unique style of your room or property. These films are the ideal choice for rooms and windows where more discretion is needed.

We understand that some situations in the workplace may need complete privacy for safety, such as in a doctor’s surgery, for bathroom windows or within a higher security setting. Our high-privacy window films range from a heavily frosted window effect to a one-way window privacy film. Each features attractive designs, patterns or solid colour to suit any environment. Browse the collection today to discover the details.

  • SX-3176 Prussian Organic Cotton
    From £ 38.07 sq m

    SX-3176 Prussian Organic Cotton consists of thin vertical and horizontal lines simulating woven cotton material. The space between the coloured lines is lightly frosted, ideal for obscuring visibility while still allowing good light transmission.

    This film is recommended for application to interior and exterior glass (inside surface). Made of durable optically clear PET film with a printed pattern. Supplied with a silicone liner, which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and applied using the same tools and techniques for window films.

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  • SXJ-0594 Triangle Gradient
    From £ 45.39 sq m

    SXJ-0594-71 Triangle Gradient A stunning white and frost Triangle Fading Gradient providing semi privacy as the triangles disperse from the bottom upwards. The design can be extended at the bottom of this film by using SXJ-0567 Solid White.

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  • SGD-6004 Shimmer
    From £ 53.69 sq m

    Shimmer Dusted Window Film. Attractive privacy with high light transmission.

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  • SXGF-0500 Clear Frosted Safety Film
    From £ 28.06 sq m

    SOLYX SXGF-0500 Clear Frosted Safety Film is a translucent, high grade polymeric calendared vinyl film with good dimensional stability, intended to simulate sand blasted glass. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light transmission.

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What are the benefits of privacy window film in a commercial setting?

Privacy film offers many benefits in commercial settings, and depending on the type of window films you choose, you can create a range of different levels of privacy within a property – ideal for bathroom windows, for instance.

Privacy glass films can also save you money. Frosted window film, for example, is ideal for helping to keep your office or property cool, saving money on your air conditioning. They are a much more cost-effective solution than blinds and gather less dust than net curtains.

Adding privacy film to your commercial glass is also a great choice for helping combat glare on computer screens or equipment. Rather than relying on closing curtains or blinds to avoid the issue, privacy film can filter out the harshest levels of sunlight without sacrificing daylight.

Plus, they require no-fuss installation and are very low maintenance to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you have questions about what type of film you need, Make an Enquiry. We’re happy to offer advice, a free quote, or samples.

  • SXD-4200 DichroSquares
    From £ 60.88 sq m

    SXD-4200 A shimmering and beautiful, dichroic cut glass film that shifts through a rainbow of colors from a change in light or movement. An excellent privacy film obscuring direct visibility and allowing excellent light transmission. Adhesive backed.

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  • SXB-68 Grass Green Sand Blast
    From £ 40.39 sq m

    SXB-68 Grass Green Sand Blast Coloured Glass Film is a translucent, high grade embossed vinyl combination that simulates sand blasted glass. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility while allowing excellent light transmission.

    Brings Untempered Glass to Tempered Glass Safety Standards
    ANSI Z97.1-1984
    16 CFR 1201 U.S.G.S. Category II: Break Strength 100PLI

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  • SX-3130 White 70 Diffuser
    From £ 35.61 sq m

    SX-3130 White 70 Diffuser A Durable, dimensionally stable, cast, translucent vinyl film. The translucent white surface gives the uniform appearance of white etched glass.

    This film is a premium, 2-mil (50 micron) cast vinyl with an etched surface added. It is perfect for privacy, decorative or architectural applications. Use it whenever you need the added elegance of an etched glass look without costly etching or sandblasting. This versatile product has been designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability. A unique synthetic silicone liner makes it easier than the standard etched glass vinyl easier to see when weeding – even when using fine-lined graphics and lettering. A special adhesive system ensures superior adhesion under the most demanding conditions. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films.

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  • SXEG-4887 Diversity
    From £ 62.19 sq m

    A beautiful decorative film for glass surfaces. Perfect for home interior redesign, office transformations, and adding privacy and colour to any window. This quality polyester film is easy to install resulting in a professional appearance.

    Pattern Details: 41” Horizontal Repeat & 39” Vertical repeat

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Frequently asked questions about privacy window film

Can window films be applied to existing windows?

Using privacy films is a top choice for increasing privacy in your commercial space while giving existing windows a new lease of life.

Your privacy film can be applied to an existing window with minimal fuss and a simple installation process. Take a look at our handy guide to installing window films here.

Will privacy film block natural light?

Our privacy window film still offers excellent light transmission.

This means even though someone on the outside of the window or property may not be able to see in, you will still have an abundance of daylight on the inside.

Can privacy window film be removed if needed?

Glass film can be easily removed if needed but cannot be reused once it has been taken down. The process is quite simple but can be affected by how long it has been on the glass as well as its exposure to direct sunlight.

Please contact us if you have any questions about installing, maintaining or removing your glass film.

Is privacy window film suitable for both interior and exterior applications?

We recommend that your privacy window film be applied to the interior face of the glass whenever possible.

Applying privacy window film internally will allow for longer shelf life, and while there is external-grade film available, their exposure to unpredictable weather conditions means their performance will be at its peak for a shorter period of time.

Does privacy window film provide any thermal insulation benefits?

Glass film that offers a frosted window effect will help to filter the natural light coming into your workspace. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.

This will make your workplace significantly more comfortable for everyone and ensure you won’t constantly try to cool the room down, conserving energy.

Browse our frosted window film and other window films here to find out more.

Can privacy window film be customised with patterns or designs?

At Glass Films, we understand that sometimes only something bespoke will do.

Our SOLYX iQ Bespoke Print films offer the functionality and exceptional quality you would expect while allowing you to create something unique.

Whether you need a gradient film for semi-privacy or want to display your company logo with pride, we will work closely with you to develop your vision and make it a reality.

How long does privacy window film typically last?

Our products come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. However, with proper maintenance, we expect your purchase to outlast this.

Is privacy window film easy to clean and maintain?

Privacy films are low maintenance, so you can avoid losing valuable time to complicated cleaning routines.

Allow 30 days after installation for the film to cure to the glass, and then clean the film with non-abrasive cloths and mild soapy water when required. We recommend you avoid industrial-strength cleaners and any pads that could scratch the surface.

Can privacy window film be used on all types of windows?

Privacy window film is versatile and can be used on any flat glass surface.

If you need a bit more guidance or have any queries about finding the right privacy film for you, please get in touch.

Does privacy window film provide any protection from UV light?

The sun’s UV rays are the primary cause of glare, which can make it difficult to concentrate, uncomfortable to read, or even cause furnishings to fade.

The majority of one-way privacy films block 99% of the potentially harmful UV rays, protecting against the damage caused by fading.

Take a look at our one-way privacy films to find out more.

Is privacy window film noticeable from the outside?

If you need privacy on the inside of your commercial building, you will have to alter the appearance of the glass.

One of the most effective and popular ways to achieve this is by applying a one-way window privacy film. This will give the exterior of the glass a mirrored effect, blocking visibility through the glass, whilst maintaining the view from the inside out.

Does privacy window film require professional installation?

The installation process is simple and can be carried out with a few simple tools (and an extra pair of hands).

Take a look at our step-by-step installation guide or if you prefer, contact us; our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

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