Reflective Window Film

There’s no denying that one of the keys to a successful business is telling the world about what you do and trying to entice customers or clients to look your way. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want people peeping through your windows when your employees or colleagues are trying to work. That’s where reflective window film comes in.

This self-adhesive privacy saviour provides a mirror-like view from the outside when applied to your windows and glass doors. It can even be used indoors too. Ideal if there are parts of your business premises that need that extra little bit of discretion.

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What is Reflective Silver Window Film?

Sometimes known as one-way mirror film, it is a type of self-adhesive window film that offers increased privacy when applied to any flat glass surface. From the inside, you can still see out but other people can’t see in. They will simply just be staring at their reflection.

It is available in a range of stylish colours and levels of privacy too.

How Does Reflective Silver Window Film Work?

How much privacy this window film provides depends a lot on where the light is coming from and how bright it is. Put simply, the side of the film that is exposed to the brightest light will look like a mirror.

During the day, it will be the exterior side of the silver window film that’s reflective. But at night, once the sun has gone down and everyone in the office or commercial premises has the lights turned on, the effect is reversed.

If you need two-way window privacy, don’t worry. You would simply need to opt for a frosted film, rather than a reflective silver window film.

  • SX-3130 White 70 Diffuser
    From £ 35.61 sq m

    SX-3130 White 70 Diffuser A Durable, dimensionally stable, cast, translucent vinyl film. The translucent white surface gives the uniform appearance of white etched glass.

    This film is a premium, 2-mil (50 micron) cast vinyl with an etched surface added. It is perfect for privacy, decorative or architectural applications. Use it whenever you need the added elegance of an etched glass look without costly etching or sandblasting. This versatile product has been designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability. A unique synthetic silicone liner makes it easier than the standard etched glass vinyl easier to see when weeding – even when using fine-lined graphics and lettering. A special adhesive system ensures superior adhesion under the most demanding conditions. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for applying window films.

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  • SXEG-4856 Stone Wall
    From £ 47.76 sq m

    SXEG-4856 Stone Wall A Textured brick pattern, translucent. High light transmission film. Suitable for semi privacy applications.

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    SXEG-4858 Dusted Linen
    From £ sq m

    SXEG-4858 Dusted Linen Film is a durable, dimensionally stable, translucent vinyl film with a decorative mustard color pattern. Recommended for application to interior glass, exterior glass and all acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting. This film is a premium, 2 mil (50 micron) cast vinyl with a printed surface added.

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  • SXEG-4860 Bamboo Flowers
    From £ 47.76 sq m

    SXEG-4860 Bamboo Flowers Stained Glass Beautifully colored, stained glass pattern. Translucent. Excellent light transmission. An elegant pattern of bamboo stalks and white flowers.

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Do You Put Window Film on the Inside or Outside?

If you want your window film to stand the test of time, it’s best to make sure you apply it to the interior side of the glass. That means it is safe from unpredictable weather and less likely to be subject to the scrapes and scratches of general wear and tear.

What are the Benefits of Using Mirror Window Film in a Commercial Setting?

Your commercial building may be the most contemporary, stylish or well-branded premises around, but if the people inside are lethargic because of the constant heat, squinting at the glare on their screens or just can’t concentrate with a large footfall passing outside, something needs to change.

That change? Adding mirror window film.

Aside from the increased privacy, you can also enjoy reduced heat (and money saved on energy through not having to crank up the air conditioning), lower levels of glare, and also fewer harmful UV rays.

Frequently asked questions about reflective window film

Will Reflective Window Film Block Out Natural Light?

Just because the view of passers by is blocked, that doesn’t mean people inside will be shrouded in darkness.

As a general rule, the window film stops the view from outside, not the sunlight.

Can You See Through Mirror Window Film at Night?

In short, it depends. It’s always going to be possible to see through one side of the window film. It just depends on where the light is brightest.

So, if it is dark outside, but someone inside has turned all the lights on, the interior side of the film is the one that will become reflective. In this instance, anyone outside would be able to see in.

If this presents a bit of a problem, drawing any curtains or blinds you have will be a very quick fix.

Is Reflective Film Easy to Install on Commercial Windows?

The installation process is a doddle. Although, we would recommend asking someone to lend a hand (and that you have a good look at the instructions and our installation guide before you begin).

How Long Does Reflective Window Film Typically Last?

Just because this particular window film has a mirror finish, it is thankfully not as delicate as the real deal.

You can expect your mirror film to last at least 5 years. That’s why we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Are There Different Levels of Reflectivity Available for Mirror Window Film?

There are indeed! Our one way mirror films include the SX-6030 Antique Mirror One Way Vision with a beautifully distressed reflective finish on the external facing side.

The SX-SG09 Silver / Grey One Way Daytime Privacy is more traditionally mirror-like, so much better for stopping by to check your appearance.

Both offer excellent privacy levels from the inside.

Does Window Film Provide UV Protection?

UV rays can fade furniture, equipment and cause discomfort in those that are trying to work.

But, thanks to reflective film, you can filter out roughly 99% of harmful UV light. And by reducing the UV light levels in internal rooms, you could also be saving money on your furnishings budget too.

Can Window Film Reduce Glare on Computer Screens?

If glare is proving to be a big problem in your commercial building, one way mirror film is a simple solution. And probably a more popular one than closing all the curtains and blinds on a sunny day.

Mirrored film can reduce glare by filtering out the harshest sunlight, while still letting comfortable levels of light pass through. A bit like putting a light pair of sunglasses on your windows.

An added benefit is that it can help you manage the heat, so summer days in the workplace don’t have to equal discomfort.

Can Reflective Window Film Help Improve Security?

Mirrored film certainly offers more privacy and ensures that certain areas and valuable items inside your commercial space can’t be seen. Especially during the daytime.

Window film can also hold glass fragments together should someone try to smash the window during a break in or as an act of vandalism, as opposed to it shattering into countless small shards.

How Do You Maintain Mirror Window Film?

Mirror film is generally low maintenance, saving you valuable time on complicated cleaning routines.

Allow 30 days after installation for it to adhere properly to the glass, and then clean the film with non-abrasive cloths and mild soapy water.

It’s best to avoid industrial-strength cleaners or pads that could scratch the surface however, as this will affect the overall appearance.

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