Security Window Film 

Security window film can be used to protect window glass from a number of threats whereby glass has the potential to be damaged. Also, in instances where glass transparency may pose security risks to the building occupants or its contents.

With the exception of some of our specialist window film types, most window films are extremely easy to apply and remove to gain instant security for window or door glass. 

Here at Glass Films, our SOLYX® window films can be selected based on the exact type of security threat your window glass needs to be protected against.

In addition, our team can work with you to ensure your building glass is adequately protected depending on the type of threats present. 

Before making your purchase, here is an overview of window films which enhance security to guide you on how our products work. 

Security Film For Windows – An Overview 

Windows are a necessary feature of practically all buildings due to the need to allow natural light into the room. Ventilation is another key reason why windows exist, and in some cases, windows can also be necessary to provide a fire escape. 

Though inevitably, windows create vulnerabilities in terms of the ability to see through glass and the potential for glass to break. Therefore, security window film can help protect against various risks, or at the very least, reduce the severity of the potential risk. 

Some window film categories which may also fit your security needs include safety window film and privacy window film

How Does Security Window Film Work?

Security window film can work in a number of different ways, depending on the type of window film selected. On a basic level, security window film can reduce the transparency of window glass to prevent people from being able to see into the room or building. More advanced security window films work to control the movement of glass fragments should the glass be broken, including if glass is subject to an explosion. 

Our team of window film experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about security window film.

Types Of Security Threats That Window Film Can Help Prevent Or Mitigate 

When it comes to window security, there is a need to think broadly to cover the different types of threats which may be posed to building occupants or personal property.

On the average building, windows make up 25% of wall space. However for some commercial premises (i.e. high rise offices or shopping centres) the proportion of glass could be much higher than this. In any case, glass windows can create vulnerabilities in terms of security, which is why there needs to be a consideration of how to protect the building and its occupants from the threats which could occur.

The following are some of the top security threats which windows may need to be protected against, though are far from exhaustive. As a building owner or security expert, if you have additional needs which need to be met by a window film, please contact us so we can offer tailored product suggestions. 

Antisocial Behaviour 

Antisocial behaviour can result in damage to window glass including graffiti, thrown objects or other types of deliberate glass breakage. In addition, the ability to see through window glass can encourage theft. 

Another issue with antisocial behaviour is that instances can be unpredictable, and it can also be difficult to prosecute those responsible. So while such crimes cannot be completely avoided, window film can be used as a deterrent or to mitigate window damage.

Window Privacy Concerns

While we have a separate window film category for privacy window films, the simple fact is that when a window is overlooked or is transparent, it can create security concerns. Therefore, window film can be used to protect the privacy of building occupants as well as the contents of the building from unwanted attention.

Data Theft

Glass Films supplies Casper Cloaking which is a specialist type of window film aimed at preventing data theft or breaches. 

Demonstrating just how versatile security window film is, Casper Cloaking ensures prying eyes cannot view sensitive information on screens from within your office building. 

Burglary Prevention 

It is a common piece of crime prevention advice to not keep valuable items on display. For many commercial buildings, window film offers a suitable solution to gain instant window privacy, so that would-be thieves will not be attracted to the contents of the building.

Terrorism Or Blast Mitigation 

Security window film can possess properties which make it suitable to use where an explosion or terrorist activity is likely. Specifically, window film aims to mitigate potential injuries or damage when glass is broken by helping to control how the glass breaks. Window film is one of a number of measures which can work to protect the public in such instances.

Window Privacy Concerns

While we have a separate window film category for privacy window films, the simple fact is that when a window is overlooked or is transparent, it can create security concerns. Therefore, window film can be used to protect the privacy of building occupants as well as the contents of the building from unwanted attention.

Security Window Films – Usage Ideas 

Security window film can enhance the safety and security in a wide variety of commercial settings. In addition, security window film can also be used to protect residential properties. 

As a building owner, architect or designer, we can work with you to select the right security window film for your needs. In the meantime, here are some common usage ideas.


Office buildings often feature high volumes of glass windows and doors. Containing computers and other valuable equipment, offices can be a target for thieves and other types of unwanted criminal behaviour. Security window film can obscure the contents of office buildings from public view, while also working to strengthen the glass should it break for any reason.

Public Or Government Buildings

It is a common requirement for public and government buildings to have security reviews, in which blast mitigation or theft deterrent window film may be required. Since public buildings may become targets for any kind of criminal activity, window film is one of the many ways to enhance the building security as a whole.

Residential Accommodation 

When designing new residential buildings (i.e. skyscrapers) window film can be used to enhance privacy and improve the overall building security. Glass Films works with architects and developers on a variety of project types, meaning we can select window films which achieve any number of aims for your residential building project. 

Retail Outlets

Boutiques, shops and retail centres are at risk of theft and other types of criminal damage, which can be extremely costly to the retail trade as a whole. Security window film can be used to protect windows in a number of ways.

Schools & University Buildings 

Window film for schools is often used to gain window privacy, though can also be needed as an overall building safety requirement. We can work with your school, college or university to determine the most important properties for your window film to protect students, as well as the contents of your educational building from a variety of security threats.

Benefits Of Security Window Film

There can never be enough benefits of upgrading the security of your window or door glass. But here are just some of the top advantages that window films bring, especially when combined with other security measures within your building as a whole. 

Gain Instant Window Privacy And Security In Seconds

Most types of window film can be installed or removed extremely easily and can provide years of window privacy or improved security as a result. This also makes window film excellent for rented commercial premises, since the glass can be returned to its original state at any time. 

No Need To Change Your Existing Window Glass

So long as the glass in your building meets any required specifications for health and safety and overall security, there is no need to replace the windows when opting for window film. 

For instance, if a lack of window privacy is a security issue, then window film can provide a suitable alternative to changing the window glass or even installing blinds or curtains.

Peace Of Mind

Whatever the security issue facing your building, the ability to at least reduce the severity of the threat provides peace of mind. Therefore, we would recommend upgrading your window or door glass without delay so that it provides enhanced security, especially if the required properties can be gained by using window film.

Glass Films – All Window Film Designs

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Safety And Security Window Film UK FAQs

Have any questions about window film that has safety and security properties? We’ve answered some of the top questions below. 

If you don’t see your query, please get in touch with our customer service team by calling us on  0800 970 6366 or email us at [email protected].

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Does Security Film Work?

Security film absolutely does work to enhance the level of security your window or door glass provides. While no window film can completely prevent theft, glass breakage or similar security threats, it goes a long way in avoiding such issues, along with mitigating the damage should a security incident occur. 

For instance, blast mitigation window film works to contain glass fragments should the window shatter with the aim of protecting building occupants. Likewise, many types of security film make it difficult for people to see into your office or building. 

How To Install Security Window Film

On every Glass Films product page, you’ll find window film installation instructions to guide you. Although professional installation is advised (especially for advanced types of security window films), there are just a handful of steps involved. To summarise, these include cleaning the window to remove any dirt or debris, cutting the window film to size and then using a squeegee to firmly adhere the film in place, while removing any air bubbles.

Is Window Security Film Worth It?

Absolutely! Every measure you can take to protect your home or commercial building from theft or criminal damage is a worthy investment. Since window film is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to upgrade the security of your windows, it is a top option to explore.

Is Security Window Film Bulletproof?

No, it’s not possible to find any type of window film that is bulletproof. Though window glass can be selected or changed so that it is bulletproof. That said, certain types of security window film can look to contain glass that has been shattered. For advice on choosing the most appropriate security window film or glass anchoring system for your building, please contact our team. 

Do Window Films Prevent Break Ins?

Window films cannot stop someone from forcibly breaking a piece of glass. However, window films can work to deter thieves and also mitigate the damage should the glass break.

Starting with theft, window film can be used to obscure the view into a building to stop thieves from being attracted to the contents inside. This is particularly useful if a window overlooks a street or any other publicly accessible area. 

In terms of broken glass, certain types of window film can be used to reinforce glass to control how glass breaks.

If you own a commercial building and are concerned about theft, then we would advise conducting a security review in conjunction with adding security window film, so that your building is best protected from the threats identified.

How Do I Make My Windows More Secure?

Security window film is often used in addition to a range of other measures to ensure windows are best protected from anti-social behaviour, accidental damage and terrorism.

Depending on the threat present, these measures can include impact-resistant glass, window locks, window bars and window shutters. The area surrounding the windows can also have additional measures installed such as motion sensor lighting, security cameras and other criminal deterrents such as gravel walkways.

When selecting a window film for security reasons, the team here at Glass Films can help you achieve the desired properties based on the threats posed to the glass or building itself.

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