• SX-1255 1″ Reeded Glass From £48.39

    SX-1255 Reeded Glass adhesive film simulates real reeded glass. Bands are 1″ wide and the reeded band direction goes down the length of the roll. The reeded band height is determined by the length of the material ordered.

    This film has a horizontal, inherent, very fine pattern repeat approximately every 19.5″/495mm.

    Designed for application to interior glass, single or double pane and exterior facing glass. The total nominal thickness is 2.5mil. This film has a clear silicone release liner that needs to be removed before installation. This film is applied using the same tools and techniques for window films.

    Estimated delivery by 03/04/2023

  • SX-1256 Corsica Glass From £48.39

    SX-1256 Corsica Glass is a lightly textured, semi-transparent film made from durable polyester that provides a distorted privacy view. This dimensionally stable film is 100% UV stabilised, will not discolor nor shrink, and is supplied with a silicone coated removable liner which protects the clear, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is recommended for application to interior glass and is ideal for privacy distraction in decorative or architectural applications.

    Estimated delivery by 03/04/2023

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