SGV-6601 Master Ray

SKU: SGV-6601

SGV-6601 Master Ray film made of durable frosty polymeric PVC film. The film is UV stabilised and will not discolour or shrink. Rectangles are 1.5″ x .25″

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48" / 122cm

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SGV Window Film FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about purchasing our textured window films within the SGV category below. 

If you don’t see your query, please get in touch with our customer service team by calling us on  0800 970 6366 or email us at [email protected].

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What Are SGV Patterned Window Films?

Our SGV patterned window films feature a cluster of designs that all achieve window privacy. Some of the textures we’ve visually replicated include diamonds, flowers, glue chip glass, ice cubes and rain. Within each of these options, the textured look will provide varying qualities including window privacy. This may be down to the patterns created, or simply the layered application of the pattern on the window film.

For any project which requires window privacy combined with a highly stylised look, SGV window films contain endless options to explore.

How Do SGV Textures Help Achieve Privacy In Window Films? 

If we consider the look of plain glass it is usually fully transparent. SGV textured window films contain patterns and detail. Most also have frosted elements within the design. When our SGV window films are applied to transparent window glass (or any other suitable glass surface) the textures and effects all help to turn that transparent glass into opaque glass. The actual levels of privacy will depend on the style selected with low, medium and high privacy levels to choose from.

Therefore, our SGV textured window films can solve many of the issues that a lack of window privacy creates. 

How To Apply Window Film

All of our window films are supplied with installation instructions which you can also find on each product listing. While a few accessories are required to fit window film, the process is designed to be very straightforward.

How To Frost A Window

Frosted windows can be achieved in three ways. Although, only frosted window film which we stock here at Glass Films offers a truly convenient solution. The two other non-suitable options include frosted window spray, which can create a mess and is also difficult to remove from the window glass itself. Google searches for ‘can you undo frosted glass’ and ‘is frosted glass spray easy to remove’ certainly attest to this! Finally, you can also replace your windows and choose glass which has a frosted effect applied. Though this is the most expensive option and can also cause disruption to your home or building.

Can Lights Be Seen Through Frosted Window Film?

Yes. The aim of frosted window film is to reduce the transparency of the window but not completely block out the light. Frosted window film has variable light transmission and you can see details of this listed on each product. If you are in search of window film which reduces light transmission completely, a style such as SXV-9-1003 Black Gloss Opaque may be more suited to your needs. We also stock other types of window films with varying light reducing or solar properties.

What Does Fleur De Lis Mean?

Fleur De Lis (also known as Fleur De Lys) translates to mean lily flower or flower of the iris. It has many positive associations including loyalty, fidelity and nobility. 

Can You Tell Me More About Glue Chip Glass? 

Our SGV-6607 Frosted Glue Chip replicates the look of glue chip glass within the format of a window film. Glue chip glass is a decorative type of glass that boasts a unique texture and appearance. It is created by applying a specialist type of glue to a glass surface and allowing that glue to dry or shrink. As the glue shrinks the surface of the glass cracks and this achieves unique patterns which can mimic the look of frost or ice crystals. 

The original way of achieving the look of glue chip glass is both complicated and messy. However, our frosted glue chip window film creates this same look in seconds. Plus, you can remove the window film without damaging the original window glass.

What Are Some Unusual Window Film Styles?

Window films are available in various colours, patterns, textures and even special effects. On this page you’ll find our SGV window films. In addition, you may also be interested in our Speciality Window Films or Stained Glass Window Films. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your windows our Dichroic Window Films are just the ticket.

What Is Window Texture?

In our textured window films (including our SGV window films), each style replicates the visual look of various textures. We commonly associate texture with the physical difference in touch it creates. However, most textures also have differences in how they visually look too. By replicating the look of texture within window films, window privacy can be achieved. Also, the style of the window can be instantly switched up to suit any environment, decor or mood.