Featured Decorative Films for March 2019

For March, we have chosen to feature an assortment of New Decorative Film Styles.

First we’ve featured our Spectrum Transparent Dichroic decorative film. This decorative window film changes colour as the viewing angles change allowing for a wave of stunning colours. Available in 39″ wide and as a scratch resistant (SX-3065), no adhesive (SX-3050) and adhesive coating (SX-3060).

We have also chosen to feature SX-6020 Antique Clear. This is a clear, transparent film with an antique mirror pattern. This film has an adhesive and is designed to be installed onto existing mirrors to create an antique mirror look. This film can also be installed onto clear glass surfaces. We also offer gold (SX-6050), silver (SX-6040) and one way (SX-6030) antique versions.

Last but not least to be featured is SX-C370 Dot Screen 18. This film design features clear dots that provide semi-obscurity. This design is printed onto 100% uv blocking optically clear window film and is proving popular with our customers!

View over 300 decorative window films exclusively available at Glass Films throughout Europe, The Middle East and Russia.

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