Make Your Windows Bird-Safe!

This month, we are focusing on our revolutionary Bird Safety Window Films!

If your home has large windows, you’ve probably experienced the unfortunate side effect of enjoying beautiful open views, bird strikes. Our SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films feature window films specially constructed to deter birds from flying into your home’s reflective glass windows and sliding doors. SOLYX® Bird Deterrent Window Films are a great way to stop birds from flying into your windows and are the best way to prevent senseless bird injuries/deaths as well as potential damage to your property. SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films were manufactured in a way that allows birds to see your reflective windows that would otherwise appear invisible without our revolutionary film.

Glass Films offer three products that can actively deter birds from striking your glass windows and sliding doors. Firstly, SX-BSFT Trellis Bird Safety Film. This retro diamond pattern gives your glazing a vintage look that, from a distance, makes your windows look like the original english iron grill work.

Secondly, we have SX-BSFV Vertical Bird Safety Film. This vertical pattern allows birds to visually see oncoming glass without compromising your vision.

Our final product is SX-BSFH Horizontal Bird Safety Film. This horizontal pattern allows birds to visually see oncoming glass without compromising your vision.

That’s all for this month! Check back next month for next month’s featured products! As always, you can view over 300 decorative window films at


October 2019 Product Update

Comments (2)

  1. Alison

    Is this suitable for outdoor glass balustrade?

    • Ryan

      Hi Alison, yes our bird safety films are suitable for outdoor use :)

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