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July 2020 Product Update

For July, we are pleased to announce five brand new products to our range of over 300 decorative glass films! Glass Films continues to offer the largest selection of decorative glass films throughout Europe!

Firstly, we are pleased to announce SXEG-4863 Morocco. This product is a beautiful stained glass film that features an array of autumn colours. Suitable for interior use only and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty!

Secondly, we are pleased to announce SXEG-4888 French Quarter. A beautiful, highly detailed, decorative glass film perfect for transforming your home or office. Suitable for interior use only and allows up to 82% visible light transmission!

Next, we are pleased to announce two new writable magnetic glass films to our range! SX-2096 Magnetic White Dry Erase for Walls & SX-2097 Magnetic White Dry Erase for Glass allow magnetic objects to be attached to your wall or glass! Strong magnetic properties and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty!

Finally, we are pleased to announce a new gradient window film to our range, SXJ-0599 Lineage Dual Frosted Gradient. A simple dual fading gradient of white translucent frosted lines, becoming narrower from the centre up and down.

As well as introducing five new products, we are also discontinuing the following products. We discontinue products based on customer feedback, manufacturing constraints and in order to keep our product line up to date. Please note: these products may still feature in our latest product catalogue, please make note of the product code for future reference.

Discontinued Products – July 2020
SX-1214 Cool Grey Stripes
SX-1308 Titanium Flowers
SX-1556 Fizzle Rain
SX-1572 Aqua Squares
SX-1573 Atlantis
SX-1574 Rondure
SXS-3000 Lens
SX-C363 Plaid Etch

That’s all for this month! Check back next month for our next product update newsletter and featured decorative glass films!

Psst! Our summer sale running from 1st – 31st August will be revealed tomorrow! 😉

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